High Advantages

Your Community Partner for Successful Hotel Development

It’s no accident that we’ve earned a longstanding reputation for operating exceptional hotels that serve as assets in their communities. Choosing High Hotels to develop and operate a hotel in your neighborhood makes good business sense because we offer so many unique advantages.

We remain a long-term contributor and partner in your community

  • - Offering award-winning hotels and customer service to your visitors
  • - Embracing the best sustainability practices and protecting the environment
  • - Committing to philanthropic contributions through volunteerism and charitable donations
  • - Providing co-workers with excellent benefits and a vibrant work environment

We know how to succeed

  • - Operating award-winning hotels that are true assets to their communities
  • - Partnering with hotel brands most preferred by travelers
  • - Leveraging internal expertise within High Real Estate Group in architecture, construction, design, and development
  • - Providing long-term INVESTMENT resulting in high-quality projects

“We make a genuine commitment to the community and our presence there is long term.”

  • Russ Urban, President & COO, High Hotels Ltd.
Annapolis Hampton Inn Hotels in Annapolis MD Lobby

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