Our culture is the springboard for what we are as an organization,

and just as importantly, what we can become.

At the foundation of our corporate culture, you will find that our co-workers always come first. That belief is as strong today as it was when the Company was founded over 80 years ago. Today, the culture at High Hotels is dynamic and evolving as our organization continues its steady growth. Recently the High Hotels "Culture Committee" was tasked with refreshing and redefining our unique values to ensure they accurately reflect and guide the way we do business, while remaining loyal to our founding principles that have always placed co-worker engagement, customer satisfaction, and fresh, innovative hotels as our highest priorities.

The result is a set of "pillars" entitled:


We create a work environment built on trust by promoting and supporting open and honest communication both formally and informally. Our leaders set the stage for success and trust in their team members to do their jobs with a sense of independence.


We provide co-workers with a platform for nurturing new ideas, demonstrating their creative spirit, and taking initiative. Through innovation we provide legendary customer service and differentiate ourselves from others.


We recognize and respect our differences and rely on our varying individual strengths to succeed as a team. Power plays are needed and teamwork is essential to our success.


We create a supportive environment in which we build a cohesive “team” of co-workers. Because we place the needs of our co-workers first, we elevate “team” to something more like a family.


We expect and motivate our co-workers to come to work with a “performance mindset” focused on doing their jobs well. Together we work hard to exceed shared goals, and know we reach our maximum potential when we make work fun.

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This fresh definition of our company culture has reinvigorated the unique spirit that High Hotels was founded on and that others have admired, while reinforcing our focus on every co-worker becoming an engaged, enthusiastic, and productive team member.

We are an organization committed to integrity, honesty and a passion for quality. We create positive memorable experiences. We work hard and have fun. We profit by living these ideals.

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